How to take care of your new air fryer

on December 20, 2023 .


How to take care of your new air fryer


So, you’ve just got yourself a KHIND air fryer, and you’re ready to make lots of healthy dishes with it. You also know cooking is usually a messy experience, but since the air fryer’s parts are non-stick, that means cleaning up will always be a quick task, right?

The short answer? “Not always.” And here’s the long answer: some recipes are going to leave stubborn stains in your air fryer that will take time to clean off completely.

But just because it takes time, it doesn’t mean it won’t be easy! Especially if you clean your air fryer using this method:

With this method, your air fryer is basically cleaning itself most of the time. Then, you only have to wipe off what remains of the stubborn stains, and you’ll have a clean air fryer to make more healthy dishes in!

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