Why you should get a KHIND Robotic Vacuum

on November 01, 2023 .


Why you should get a KHIND Robotic Vacuum


You’ve probably had this fantasy—to just snap your fingers and make all of the dirt and dust in your house instantly disappear! Then, you can go relax and do the things you like. Isn’t that a wonderful fantasy?

Well, your fantasy would become a reality if you had a KHIND Robotic Vacuum! Designed to promise you utmost cleanliness and convenience, our robotic vacuum will take care of all the dirt and dust in your house without troubling you at all.


An intelligent and independent system

  • Equipped with gyroscope navigation, sensors, and map visualization
  • Catch up with your hobbies or other matters while the vacuum is running itself


Quiet yet powerful

  • Brushless motor
  • Easier to relax without something droning loudly in the background
  • 3 suction levels available
  • Max suction power: 1600 Pa
  • Can suck up dust even if its deep in a corner—no effort from you required



Remote control with Wi-Fi

  • Comes with remote control and built-in Wi-Fi that can connect to your smartphone
  • Set a time for the vacuum to start cleaning as well as monitor its movements onyour phone
  • Use the remote control to get certain places cleaned immediately



Can vacuum dust and water

  • Can contain up to:

- 200 ml of dust

- 230 ml of liquid

  • Don’t cry over spilt milk or dirt; just let the robotic vacuum take care of it



3 layers of filtration

  1. Net – catches small debris, dirt, and hair
  2. HEPA – filters allergens and viruses (including COVID-19)
  3. Sponge – captures extremely fine particles like dust
  • Gathers all the dirt, dust, and germs in the house for you to dump straight into
    the trash


From cleaning your house to cleaning the robotic vacuum, everything gets so much easier when KHIND is involved! Just let our robotic vacuum do its thing, and you’ll be free to do your own thing

Love the sound of that? Then don’t let us keep you—go check out our robotic vacuums

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