Family Moments Made Even Better with KHIND

on January 03, 2024 .


 Family Moments Made Even Better with KHIND


When you look back on the time you’ve spent with your family, you might notice your fondest memories aren’t the most exciting ones; a lot of it’s actually the simple,
everyday moments, like baking treats together to enjoy later while watching TV, or a funny conversation in the middle of doing housework. 

These moments are the kinds of experiences that KHIND wants to encourage for our customers—that we want you to Experience More of. Our appliances are designed
with features to ensure that.



Multi Cooker

Hot Pot

  • One of the best ways to bring the family together is with a good ol’


  • Can grill chicken drumlets, BBQ skewers, and more
  • Hold a little indoor barbeque for your family


  • With the heart-shaped moulds of the Couple Plate, make mini-cakes
    to show your love for your family


23L Digital Microwave Oven

Quick Start Operation

  • Preheats quickly
  • Bake treats and snacks to enjoy with your family


8 Preset Auto Menu Functions

  • Easily help you to make your family members’ favorite foods for them



Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Low Noise

  1. Talk with a family member about your and their day while vacuuming


Multi Layer Filtration

  1. Take care of your family’s health by cleaning the house thoroughly

In the end, it’s really about quality time. We all have important things to do—let’s include hanging out with your family members and appreciating their presence in your life. With KHIND, any simple moment with your family becomes special memories you will treasure for a lifetime.

Experience More precious family moments with KHIND appliances today!

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