Healthy & Convenient Cooking with KHIND | With Buffalo Inner Pot

on July 28, 2021 .

I believe people who live in Asia will agree with me that rice is the most important staple food for every meal. It provides substantial amount of nutrient to our body, such as carbohydrates, protein and fibre. However, it is so often that the nutrient content from the rice is not being retained due to the wrong approach in cooking.


But not to worry, KHIND understands  consumers’ concerns, hence the continuous improvement effort has finally lead them to launch the Health Collection Cookware that provides comfort and convenience, they are known as Anshin Rice Cooker RC106M, RC110M, RC118M, RC128M. This series of rice cooker come in different sizes from 0.6L, 1.0L, 1.8L, and 2.8L which perfectly cater for all household need.  


Besides, proudly to announce that, this series of Anshin Rice Cooker has been recognized as one of the trusted brands by the Natural Health Magazine and successfully won the Reader’s Choice Award in 2015. Now, let’s explore together to see what are the special features that bring this product to win such prestigious award.


When ECO mode is switched on, the power supply will automatically cut off when the rice is cooked. In the meantime, the heat energy in the pot will continue to cook the rice to its perfection.


To reheat the rice, stir the leftover rice with the rice paddle, then sprinkle some water, switch on the rice cooker and turn it into ECO mode. That’s it! You will  enjoy the warm and fulfilling bowl of rice.


Furthermore, KHIND has always been  producing good quality products to the consumers. With this strong determination in mind, they are collaborating with BUFFALO, the stainless steel professional in the metal cookware industry. KHIND Anshin Rice Cooker comes with BUFFALO inner pot  which is made of high quality stainless steel SUS 304 .  


Moreover, this series of Anshin Rice Cooker has two color selections, one is red alpha and another is pearl white. For consumers who purchased RC118M (1.8L) or RC128M (2.0L), you will be bringing back home a stainless steel steam tray for free. On top of that,  KHIND Anshin Rice Cookers come with  3 years general warranty and a 10 years warranty on the BUFFALO stainless steel inner pot.


What are you waiting for, browse into the official store website at, guarantee that you will find out more exciting products from KHIND.