Chinese New Year must-haves appliances

on February 15, 2024 .

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner MSapphire VC9675MS

Start your Chinese New Year prep with our MSapphire Handheld
Vacuum Cleaner. Experience 20 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning
with a powerful crevice nozzle or hard-to-reach spots.


ZenAir 56” Decorative Ceiling Fan

Celebrate Chinese New Year with comfort using our ZenAir 56”
Decorative Ceiling Fan. With a natural-wind-like breeze and 6+6
speed options, your guests can enjoy the 'most comfortable
breeze' ever!




Multi Cooker MC400

Chinese New Year wouldn't be complete without a classic
steamboat made effortlessly with our trusty Multi Cooker MC400.
Its 4L PTFE-coated deep-plate ensures a superior and non-stick
cooking experience.





Electric Oven OT4030

Elevate your Chinese New Year feast with our 40L Electric Oven OT4030.
With convection and rotisserie functions ensuring even cooking, it's the
essential tool for a truly auspicious celebration.




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