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Domestic Mosquito Killers : Magic Aedes Buster IK607 / IK610
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How does Khind Magic Aedes Buster Work


It traps mosquitoes with 3 powerful non toxic attractions:


i) Odour - Carbon Dioxide generated by the Titanium Dioxide Coating in this buster  mimics the same Carbon Dioxide exhaled by human beings. Its attraction can be further enhanced by adding a natural scent of banana to it, by rubbing ripe banana or its skin onto the exterior of the buster. If supported by an air current, it can attract mosquitoes from 100 ft away


ii) Light - The Ultra Violet light of this Buster produces a strong visual attraction to mosquitoes which are within 30 ft


iii) Heat - Heat released from the UV lamps and the dark-coloured body of this buster mimics our body warmth and lure mosquitoes which are within 10 ft to the  Buster


Features & Consumer Benefit :-

  • Protect you and your loved ones from the menace of Aedes and other blood seeking mosquitoes
  • Safe & Hygienic......Non-toxic. No Chemical or insecticides used.
  • High quality Ultra Violet lamp for maximum attraction of mosquitoes. 
  • 2 year warranty excluding UV lamps
  • Free 2 units of UV lamps


Specifications :-
  • Voltage : 220-240V ~ 50Hz
  • Power : 26W
  • Carton Box Dimension : 260(L) X 212(W) X 385(H) mm
  • Gross Weight : 2kg
  • Colour : Maroon / Dark Blue