Guided by our vision To Be A World-Class E&E Company, our missions are 5-pronged, encompassing quality, service, branding, people development and customer relationship :

  • Delighting customers at all times
  • Make service excellence our way of life
  • Create positive brand awareness for Khind and Mistral
  • Maximize our people potential to deliver results
  • Build a rewarding and lasting

At Khind-Mistral, we firmly and fully subscribe to the belief that our people hold the key in our quest for the realization of our mission. As people are our most valued resources, we adopt the following approaches in our human capital management :

  • Skills - Development
  • Style - Teamwork
  • People - Caring
  • Management - Transparent

As a constantly expanding Organization, we always have rooms for quality and talented people. Whilst we can't guarantee you success (for success or failure depends on nobody else but you), we can guarantee you satisfying career with us.

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